Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Belmont, CA


Your vehicle’s check engine light is meant to alert you to potential problems happening under the hood. This alert is to help maintain road safety. A timely response to that little red light on your dashboard will protect your vehicle from extensive damages. It might also protect other drivers from sudden adverse reactions in your vehicle. The number of issues that could have tripped your check engine light are numerous. Drivers should find out immediately what the specific cause is for their check engine light in order to prevent any expensive damages. Because there may not be obvious signs of engine troubles, drivers may assume it’s okay to keep driving with a check engine light. This is a dangerous assumption, because the problem could be anything from a loose gas cap to a complicated transmission repair. You should not delay in getting your check engine light service from Spiteri’s Auto Service. Once the check engine light alerts you, there’s nothing stopping the next warning from being a complete engine breakdown. Expensive repairs are often the result of a check engine light that did not receive timely attention. The most important thing is getting the correct answers, and the correct repairs.

There are actually two types of check engine lights. The aforementioned is a solid red warning light. This is the most common alert, and the first warning. For more urgent repair needs, a blinking red light will be your vehicle’s alert. Your vehicle is in desperate need of repairs when you have a blinking check engine light. The next stop should be Spiteri’s Auto. Our advanced diagnostic equipment and trained technicians will let you know exactly what’s wrong with your car. We’ll know how to decipher all trouble codes and pinpoint your automotive problems. Our team can answer every check engine light question you have. You just need to stop by, and let our certified techs have a look. The sooner you bring your vehicle to us, the sooner we can have your check engine light turned off and your vehicle fully repaired.