Emissions Testing: How to Prepare

What You Need to Know Before Your Smog Check

Is it almost time to get your car’s emissions testing and smog check? Spiteri’s Auto Service in Belmont, California is ready to help you prepare. Here is everything you need to know to be ready for the test so you can drive your car legally and help protect the environment.

What Emissions Testing Is

Emissions testing and smog checks are procedures that have been required for all United States vehicles since the Federal Clean Air Act was passed in 1990. They are designed to ensure that all vehicles on the road are as environmentally friendly as possible. Testing involves the monitoring of vehicles for emissions output with a pass or fail system. Each car must be tested every two years.

Getting Ready

One of the best things any motorist can do to prepare for an emissions test is to take their car in for a service appointment. An auto technician can figure out if anything needs to be fixed or tuned up before your test. If the vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated or your exhaust system is malfunctioning, you must schedule a service appointment. Either of these issues will cause your car to fail emissions testing automatically.

The Test

During your smog check and emissions test, a test technician will hook your car up to several diagnostic monitors. These measure the emissions that your vehicle gives off and will determine if your car passes or fails the test. There are three main factors that can make your vehicle fail the test, two of which have been mentioned previously:

  • Exhaust issues
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Emission release above California standards

If you did not bring your car in for service work prior to your test, you would need to get it fixed after a failed test. This is the only way that you can expect to receive a passing result. A second opinion should not be required, as most diagnostic tools are extremely accurate.

Smog Check and Emissions Services

Do you want to get your vehicle checked before your test? Did it already fail, and you aren’t sure where to turn for help? Spiteri’s Auto Service in Belmont, California provides thorough emissions inspections so you will not face any surprises on test day, whether your car has already failed or not. Contact us today to learn more.

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