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Owning a vehicle isn’t cheap, but most of us need private transportation to go about our daily lives. At Spiteri’s Auto Service in Belmont, California, we understand your need to reach a balance between having a reliable car and maintaining a positive bank balance. We’ll talk with you honestly about the nature and immediacy of needed repairs and point you toward specials when we can. We’re here to help you so that a breakdown doesn’t break your bank account.

Total Costs and Payment Options

The total cost of auto repair is actually about more than just the bill. Without your vehicle, will you have a way to get to work? If public transportation or carpooling is an option for you, that’s great, but if your car is your sole means of putting yourself in a position to earn a paycheck, car repair takes on a heightened level of seriousness. The cost of a breakdown could equal the loss of your income. What’s more, keeping your automobile up to date with needed preventive maintenance services will be less expensive over time than paying for the more extensive repairs that result from a lack of appropriate long-term care. Your car will last a lot longer, preventing the untimely need for big repairs or replacement, if you stick to a routine of changing the oil, checking the tires, inspecting the brakes, and monitoring the air conditioning system, etc.

When you do find that you need repairs, you have a few options to ease the unplanned expense. First, let us help you prioritize needed repairs if you have multiple issues. We’ll tell you which ones are immediate mechanical and/or safety concerns and which can wait a while. (Think of the wants and needs system. You may want to fix the interior reading light that has stopped working, but you need to ensure that your headlights are in good repair.) Second, take advantage of our specials. We always have some online coupons posted, and you can find them by using the “Specials” tab on our web page. Finally, if you still find yourself in a pinch, consider options other than cash. A credit card may be an option, especially if you have one that offers a low-interest rate, 0% for a set number of months, or cash back that can be used toward future repairs or other household expenses. As long as you’re savvy regarding unfair practices and exorbitant interest rates, a short-term loan may benefit you, too.

The Bottom Line–for Your Auto AND Your Wallet

The bottom line is that you need your vehicle and you want to be cost conscious. Spiteri’s Auto Service wants to be a good neighbor, helping you with both.

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