Smog Check in Belmont, CA

STAR Certified Smog Check in Belmont CA

Needing to pass your vehicle’s Smog Check is just one of the requirements of living and driving in Belmont, CA. While it may seem like an annoyance, since 2008 the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has reported that the smog check testing system has removed an estimated total of 50,000 tons of vehicle emissions from California’s air! So, what do you do when you receive a DMV renewal notice that says “Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station”? Don’t panic! All this means is that the DMV has chosen your vehicle to be inspected at a STAR certified smog station which is monitored closely by the BAR and must conform to high standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. STAR Test and Repair Stations are authorized to perform STAR smog inspections, as well as repair and certify all vehicles.

We are a STAR Test and Repair Station!

Spiteri’s is proud to be a part of the movement of people trying to improve our city’s air quality by providing auto repair and doing smog check tests for drivers in the Bay area. STAR Test and Repair (CAP) – STAR Test and Repair stations are authorized by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to perform, along with smog check repairs, regular smog inspections and test only smog checks. A STAR Test and Repair station is the only type of smog check center which can inspect, repair and certify any and all vehicles. These stations are participants of the State’s Consumer Assistance Program and are inspected by the State of California monthly. Our licensed smog check repair technicians can perform any necessary smog repairs that your car, truck, SUV or minivan may need after failing an official Smog Check Test or when your check engine light turns on. STAR Test and Repair stations may also perform smog repairs on vehicles participating in the Consumer Assistance Program.

Dedicated to improving Bay Area’s air quality, one car at a time

The team at Spiteri’s loves living and working in the great Belmont community. Our roots grow deep here and providing quality smog checks and repair services that help both our customers and the environment is another step towards preserving and growing our town for many more future generations. Combined with our green auto repair facility and our complete hybrid repair services, we’re invested in making the automotive industry more environmentally friendly!

My car failed its emissions test – what do I need to do?

Let’s get this out of the way: a leak in your exhaust system could be deadly. If car owners smell exhaust in the passenger cabin or hear an unusual exhaust sound, they should get their exhaust system checked and repaired. This is essential: Carbon monoxide in your exhaust is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and can be fatal to you and your passengers so don’t delay if you suspect an exhaust leak.

There could be a number of reasons for a failed CA emissions test, so some vital diagnostic work is in order. A common reason for drivers to fail their smog test is that the catalytic converter has failed. The catalytic converter removes some of the harmful elements in exhaust.

When a catalytic converter fails it must be replaced. Many folks stop there – but the converter failed for a reason and there may be any number of engine conditions that led to the failure. It would certainly be smart to have our service professional diagnose the cause so that you don’t end up with another costly catalytic converter replacement down the road.

Oh, and that Check Engine Light that so many Bay Area car owners ignore: It might just be illuminated for a vital condition that could lead to catalytic converter damage. Have your Spiteri’s service advisor get to the bottom of any check engine light situation.