The Difference Between Auto Repair Shops Dealerships

Local Mechanics Saving You Money

The next time you need new tires, an oil change or major transmission repair, should you go to an auto repair shop or dealership? These two popular repair categories have many pros and cons, so it’s important to carefully compare them to find the best option for your vehicle and maintenance issue. Compare the main differences and find out for yourself where you should take your vehicle in Belmont, CA.


Because most auto shops are smaller than dealerships, they’re capable of offering more affordable rates. Not only can a local shop compare different part brands and repair options, but they typically charge less due to less overhead. If you’re looking to get a great deal on your vehicle repairs, choose a local shop.

Customer Service

Similarly, local shops routinely rate higher in terms of customer service and overall customer satisfaction. While a dealership is typically larger and offers more service bays, a local repair shop can fit your schedule and create a more personalized service experience.

Warranty Coverage

Most dealers offer more comprehensive warranty options. A dealership can offer manufacturer warranties, many of which require installation by a dealership. Depending on your maintenance issue and your local auto shop, a local repair shop may not have as long of a warranty.


Many qualified and experienced technicians work at both dealerships and local auto shops. If you go to a highly rated garage, you can expect a high level of expertise at both locations. A dealership may have more up-to-date information about recalls, warranties, and common issues with your specific make and model of vehicle. Local shops, however, typically have technicians with a broad range of experience. A local technician has worked on a wide range of makes and models and understands the differences between common vehicle issues.

Find a Quality Auto Repair Shop in Belmont, CA

If you’re looking for leading customer service and a great price, schedule a service at Spiteri’s Complete Auto Service today. Your local Belmont auto shop offers generous warranties on many repairs and provides leading services at low costs. Enjoy peace of mind as our ASE-certified technicians use the latest tools and techniques for your auto repair issue.

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