What Is Brake Resurfacing?

The Alternative to Replacement

When you need emergency brake repair services, it can be challenging to determine the best solution. Your brake system uses a number of integrated components, so you need a professional mechanic to assist you in diagnosing common brake issues, including brake resurfacing. Learn more about this brake issue and stop by a leading auto shop in Belmont, CA, today.

The Process

As your brakes wear out, damaged brake pads can damage your rotors. Deposits from your brake pads, corrosion or dents and cracks can all reduce the efficiency of your brake rotors. If you don’t receive prompt resurfacing or replacement services, you may experience sudden brake failure.

Brake resurfacing involves a qualified technician clearing away all the debris and polishing your rotors. Once cleaned, they provide the smooth surface you need for reliable braking with new brake pads. While your brakes are being resurfaced, ask a technician to inspect your brake calipers and pads to be sure your entire brake system is properly maintained.

Benefits of Brake Resurfacing

Resurfaced brake rotors keep your brake pads from wearing out quickly. Clean rotors also prevent your calipers from being damaged. Without routine resurfacing, you may have to invest in brake replacement services. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, replacement costs may be significantly higher than brake resurfacing.

Rotor Replacement

Don’t rule out rotor replacement if you need a thorough brake repair service to restore your vehicle. A damaged rotor may not be repairable with resurfacing. In that case, your only option is a rotor replacement. Similarly, a rotor that is particularly corroded or covered with deposits may actually cost more to resurface than to completely replace. Before you receive brake resurfacing, ask for a quote and compare it with a quote for rotor replacement services.

Discover Local Brake Repair Service in Belmont

At Spiteri’s Complete Auto Service in Belmont, CA, we offer full-service brake repairs by ASE-certified technicians. We service everything from a classic car to a hybrid so that you can be confident in experienced repairs. Schedule brake services today to discover the best way to restore your brake power and maintain your vehicle. Don’t let some corrosion create unsafe driving conditions, but clear your rotors and enjoy safe stopping power today.

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