What Qualifies a Tire for Repair?

Does My Tire Qualify For Repair, Or Should I Replace It? — Spiteri’s Automotive Service

A flat tire can deflate your mood and ruin your day but realizing you had poor or dishonest tire repair service can dampen your entire week. To get your car back on the road and your life back on track as soon as possible, bring your auto (and its ailing tire) to Spiteri’s Auto Service in Belmont, CA. We can help you decide whether to repair or replace the tire by giving you honest advice that you can trust and making reputable repairs. Should you find that you need to make a purchase, we can take care of that, too. We’re sorry to hear that your car has a flat, but we look forward to helping you fix that inconvenience.

Tire Repair Qualifiers

We understand the need to save money, so we’re glad to help you save a little cash when you have a leaking or flat tire. However, our priority is your safety. We’ll check your tire and talk honestly with you about the bigger picture and whether your tire is a good candidate for a safe repair. If your tire has sufficient remaining tread (at least 2/32″ or 2 mm), that’s great news. We’ll also look at the size and location of the impacted area. If a puncture doesn’t exceed 1/4″ and is located within the tread pattern, it’s usually safe to fix it.

If the tire is in an overall satisfactory condition (hasn’t been driven flat, has no sidewall cracking, has no exposed belts and cords), that’s also favorable. On the other hand, you shouldn’t attempt to repair a tire with a puncture in the sidewall, a cut, or an enormous puncture. Even if someone could manage to effect a repair, it would be risky. That shoddy repair could let go at any time, causing the tire to blow out (catastrophic tire failure.) Also, a tire that is already in need of replacement due to wear and/or condition isn’t worth repairing, and it’s dangerous to do so. A final consideration for some drivers is the speed rating of the tire. If your tires are rated for high speed, some manufacturers won’t guarantee the speed rating on a repaired tire.

Honest, Reputable Tire Repair Services

Just as you rely on your tires, so should you be able to trust your tire care provider. Although you may make temporary repairs in a roadside emergency, we make only safe, permanent repairs in our shop. What’s more, we truthfully explain your situation, advising a new tire purchase only if you need it. That’s why you can rely on Spiteri’s Auto Service in Belmont, California, for all your tire repair needs.

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